Dawson Neighborhood Storm Drain Improvements

Storm drain & utility work at Havana bridge 1
North side of Havana bridge

Watershed Protection Department-Dawson

Most recent update (April 2015)

From Stephanie Lott

I wanted to provide a quick update on Watershed Protection Department projects in your neighborhood. For the Wilson Street Storm Drain project, we have completed the installation of storm drain pipes through a good portion of the project area, which has provided a lot of relief from flooding for several households. There is still work to be done on this project on Lightsey Road and Powell Circle, but since the most severe flooding problems have improved, we are keeping this project on hold while we work on flooding problems in other areas.

On the Brinwood Avenue Bank Restoration project, our crews have already stabilized approximately 150 feet of eroding stream banks along four Brinwood Ave. properties. We are working north of the spot where Havana Street crosses the creek. We have extended the project further downstream to address erosion problems along three additional properties and are anticipating completing the project in mid-summer.

I’m happy to let you know that we are ready to resurface several of the streets. The resurfacing will be done by the City’s Street and Bridge division and is currently scheduled to begin in late April or in early May.

 Late April/May Resurfacing

  • Sacramento/Fontana, from South First to Havana Street
  • Powell Circle, from South First to Wilson Street
  • Havana Street, from South First to Powell Circle
  • Brinwood Ave., from Havana Street to Coleman Street (this includes a short stretch of Coleman near the intersection with Brinwood Ave.)

There are plans to resurface more streets next year, if the work on the storm drain and/or erosion projects is complete.

 Resurfacing Next Year (if the storm drain project and/or the erosion project is complete)

  • Havana Street, from Congress Ave. to Powell Circle
  • Wilson Street, from Powell Circle to the creek
  • Powell Circle, from Wilson Street to Lightsey Road
  • Lightsey Road, from South First to Powell Circle

 Please note that the resurfacing schedule is subject to change. Specifically, there are some Google Fiber installations in the neighborhood that might delay the resurfacing. We do not want to resurface the streets, only to have them damaged and repaired immediately afterward.

Questions on the storm drain project can be directed to John Jerrell, Field Operations Supervisor, at 512-974-1521. General drainage questions should go to 3-1-1.

 Please feel free to forward this email to others. To be added or removed from this list, simply send me an email.

Stephanie Lott
Public Information Specialist Senior
City of Austin
Watershed Protection Department
512-974-2799 (phone)
512-802-7456 (pager)

(December 2014)

Good afternoon neighbors of East Bouldin Creek,

I’d like to update you on the progress of the East Bouldin Creek at 2912 Brinwood Avenue Bank Restoration Project. This project is scheduled to begin construction in January 2015 by the Watershed Protection Department’s in-house erosion crew. Active construction should last 4 to 6 months, but can vary depending on weather or unforeseen complications. This is the same project that I had presented at the Dawson Neighborhood Association meeting in August 2013.

This project will restore an eroded section of East Bouldin Creek’s east bank, just downstream of Havana Street. Bank work will occur along approximately 160 feet between 2912 and 2908 Brinwood Avenue, and was prioritized due to a water main break in July 2012. The design intends to stabilize the eroded, steep bank while keeping the natural character of the creek, with a rock boulder toe wall and a reinforced slope that is seeded with native plants.

During construction, expect:

· Construction equipment entering/exiting via an entrance off of Havana street.

· A construction staging area in the easement at 3021 Fontana Dr. Crews will be driving through the creek channel to access the project, and will restore areas disturbed by construction activities. In addition to the active construction areas, the following properties will be adjacent to the access areas: 3011 through 3019 Fontana Dr. and 2914 through 3006 Brinwood.

· An overhead utility guy wire that crosses the creek will be relocated by AT&T and Austin Energy crews

· Potential noise during work hours, such as when the crews are bypass pumping the creek water to protect water quality

· Active construction should last 4 to 6 months, with revegetation to occur on a slower scale of years

I look forward to the end result as an improvement to the creek as well as neighborhood. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding the construction project. Also respond if you would like to be added (or removed) from my direct email list for project updates.

Best regards,

Michelle Adlong
Graduate Engineer
Stream Restoration and Stormwater Treatment Section
City of Austin | Watershed Protection Department
512-974-2826 | michelle.adlong@austintexas.gov