Stephanie's bridge on El Paso
Stephanie’s Art Bridge on El Paso

We invite you to join the DNA Yahoo! Group to stay in contact with your neighbors to share information and concerns. This email list is free, easy to use and privacy/spam protected environment. Once you join, you can post and read messages, and, should you decide to leave the list, it is simple to unsubscribe.
You may share anything of interest to your DNA neighbors, but, if a topic is not specific to an event or issue in Dawson, we ask that you preface it with “Off Topic” or “OT”. In addition, you do not have to live in Dawson to join. When you subscribe, please include your name and address, information to which only the moderator has access.

Examples of topics common on the list are:
• Your yard or garage sales
• Lost or found, especially pets
• Parties, happy hours, BBQs or other festive gatherings
• Requests for recommendations for services such as plumbers, roofers, yard work, etc.
• Suspicious activity in the neighborhood

To subscribe, go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DawsonNeighborhood or send an email message to DawsonNeighborhood-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

IMPORTANT: Please keep your posts civil and neighborly. Name calling, accusations, and other impolite posts will not be tolerated. We understand that all neighbors will not agree on a topic, but please disagree without being disagreeable.