Austin 311 Tips and Link

Stephanie's bridge, south side of El Paso
Stephanie’s Art Bridge, south side of El Paso

Link to Austin 311 website

Austin 311 connects citizens to city services and information. Whether you wish to report the cutting or trimming of heritage trees or building construction without a permit, pollutants leaking in to the creek or simply need information, the key to making 311 work for you is persistence. When you first call or email 311, the Ambassador on the other end of the communication should provide you with a Service Request number. If you do not receive a follow-up within 48 hours, call or email again, and remember to reference your Service Request number. The Austin 311 website includes a place to check the status of your request, so make sure to monitor this regularly. Even if you find out that the Service Request has been “closed” without a satisfactory resolution for you, continue to call or email, and, as always, reference your Service Request number. Most 311 contacts are resolved quickly and easily, but some issues may require a more complex approach to a resolution or perhaps even get lost or forgotten.

Remember, remain persistent until you find an answer or solution to the issue!